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PsyD,  LCP

Brian Post

Dr. Brian Post is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 15 years of experience offering individual and marital therapy, providing psychological assessments, supervising the clinical work of psychologists-in-training, and teaching graduate-level classes in psychodynamic therapy, couples therapy, and personality assessment. He completed his doctorate in clinical psychology at Wheaton College.

Dr. Post particularly enjoys working therapeutically with adults and strives to offer a safe place where people feel understood and valued. He encourages people to be as authentic as they are able and to develop new ways of relating to others so that they can feel more personally whole and relationally connected. Throughout this work, he welcomes conversations about spirituality and faith.


Dr. Post also focuses on supporting couples so that they can not only survive but thrive through the difficult times, especially when they realize that their partner and marriage is not going to fulfill all their hopes and expectations. He primarily uses Emotion Focused Couples Therapy and aims to help couples develop increased emotional communication so that they feel more connected and secure with each other.


Finally, Dr. Post enjoys offering psychological assessment to both celebrate who people are and assist them in the areas where they struggle. He offers therapeutic assessments, provides in-depth personality descriptions to promote growth, can help clarify a person's diagnosis, can evaluate preparedness for bariatric surgery, assists families in fulfilling adoption requirements, and helps determine readiness for missions and seminary training.


Contact me personally

630-246-6988 x6

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