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Chelsea Ragsdale

We live in a society in which perfection is not just encouraged; it is rewarded and reinforced across many areas in life. We are flooded with conflicting messages that can lead to increased anxiety, low self-worth, and increased self-doubt. How do I both be a standout employee and also prioritize healthy work/life boundaries? How can I be a supportive partner, parent or caregiver and also prioritize my own self care? The toll of chasing perfection can be exhausting.


Chelsea is passionate about supporting individuals in identifying obstacles that make it challenging to navigate a balanced, meaningful life. She incorporates compassion, warmth, and humor into sessions to support clients in exploring their values, identifying their strengths, and targeting what is important to them. She pulls from ACT, DBT, RO-DBT and CBT (ERP) to support individuals in reaching their goals. Chelsea is experienced in working with adults with anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, ADHD, trauma, depression, and bipolar disorder. Chelsea is an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community and strives to provide an environment in which individuals feel safe sharing all aspects of their identity.


Chelsea is passionate about providing evidenced-based treatment and training to new clinicians entering the field. She taught graduate-level CBT courses at the University of Chicago and has led advanced DBT trainings to community mental health agencies and graduate students. She also provides supervision and training to newer clinicians seeking clinical licensure.


If you’re interested in chatting more before scheduling an appointment, Chelsea offers a free 10 minute consultation call to answer any questions you may have. She offers both in-person and virtual sessions.


Contact me personally

630-246-6988 x4

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