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Charity Lane

Are you feeling hopeless? Has your hope waned or even been completely eclipsed by the situations or experiences you’re facing? You’re not alone and hope is not out of reach. Dr. Lane believes hope is the threshold at which change begins. She is eager to accompany you on your journey as you encounter and cross this threshold and move toward a hope-filled life.


Dr. Lane utilizes a relational and client-centered approach to work alongside her clients (from early adolescence through late adulthood in individual, couple, and family contexts) as they journey toward a more abundant, connected, and values-congruent life. She has particular interest and training in working with concerns of gender, sexual identity and sexuality, marital relationships, grief, depression, and anxiety. Significant cross-cultural experiences in her personal life have grown in her a deep appreciation for diversity and respect for a person’s unique story. 


When not in the therapy office, it’s not likely you’ll find Dr. Lane sitting down. Her passion for bringing hope to the world extends from the local area to the globe via her running endeavors, which raise awareness and finances so all people everywhere can have access to clean water. Alongside running, she enjoys dancing, spending time with her family and friends, and experiencing new locations for quality coffee and boba tea

Learn more about Dr. Charity Lane and Threshold of Hope here: Fb: Threshold of Hope Inc

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Or, if you’re ready to set up an initial appointment to see if Charity is the therapist you’re ready to work with, you can contact her at

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