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Ann Thorwall

Ann specializes in an advanced method of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy called TEAM-CBT.  This approach combines the empathy and support of traditional talk therapy with active, research-based methods to help you overcome life’s hurdles and transitions. Ann enjoys working with clients who are ready to tackle their challenges, and she has had great success with these methods helping those who are experiencing relationship struggles in a myriad of environments including romantic partnerships,  friends, family, and work. Ann is also passionate about helping people with their dating concerns, depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and unwanted  habits such as procrastination or phone addiction.


Additionally, Ann has completed all three levels of training in Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy, a well-researched method to improve your relationship with your partner by strengthening your friendship, reducing conflict, dramatically improving communication and creating shared joy and meaning.


Ann began practicing in 2015 and joined Prairie Path Counseling in 2019. 

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