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Pat Somers

Therapy can be an act of courage or the only option when life becomes so uncomfortable that you know something has to change, even if the change needed may be difficult, as growth usually is. While each person seeks therapy for their own unique reasons, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, loss/grief, trauma, and unexpected or expected life transitions are among the most frequent.  

I have been a therapist for about 25 years and work from a theoretical foundation that is client-centered and attachment-based, along with an understanding that human development occurs across the entire life span. I incorporate a recognition of the diverse social and cultural identities and world views that make each of us unique, with “diversity” being a wide umbrella. I draw upon a range of interventions from cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy, to narrative therapy, and mindfulness practice. I am trained in EMDR and also draw upon interventions from polyvagal theory. I have found that my skills and experience seem the best fit for working with individuals from young adulthood through older adulthood who are troubled by a wide variety of life challenges. I also see a limited number of couples. 


In addition to my clinical work, I’m an associate professor teaching in a graduate clinical psychology program at a local university. I see both of these roles, as a therapist and as a teacher, as sacred callings, and find that they complement and enrich each other. The classroom keeps me current in theory and research, and feeds my intellectual hunger. The clinical work is where knowledge meets human need and brings hope and healing.


Contact me personally

630-246-6988 x4

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